Social Responsibility

Port Logistics LTd, has routinely placed special emphasis on social policy. Therefore, our priority has been to ensure a safe working environment, competitive salaries, up to date training and education, health care and all round support for personnel. The health care programme provided by the company comes with additional health insurance and dental care.

For personnel exposed to harmful working conditions, access to special training facilities have been provided as a way of maintaining and improving their general health and wellbeing.

The company encourages initiative thinking from employees and offers extensive training and education opportunities to all workers as a way of increasing their professional development or mastering a new profession. Attainable positions within the Port include, crane operator, loader operator, excavator operator, tractor operator and mooring man.

Port employees are offered unique opportunities to attend professional courses and seminars. Many choose to start or continue studying the English language.

Another scheme currently running and deemed important, is helping young professionals enter the housing market. Together with partner banks, a mortgage loan program can be set up and expert advice offered to help young people purchase their first home. In certain cases, Port Logistics LTd can also provide residence for employees.

Port Logistics LTd has an onsite office and representative of maritime transport trade union. Here, employees can receive immediate and confidential support and advice on a variety of issues.

The company proudly supports a state backed social programme, which provides six working places to disabled workers.


The families of Ports employees are also cared for and children are given opportunities to participate at numerous summer camps. The port continues to financially support its former workers, but also extends its help to war veterans.

In cooperation with the regional administration and the department of education, the port is presently in the process of establishing a cadet class. This will prepare students for a future career in the maritime industry. The Port of Vyborg may be one of their career and life choices.